The main objectives of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction are:

i) To foster cooperation among all those involved the mass timber construction sector through a single international association that is inclusive of all, (individuals, organisations, and like-minded association);

ii) To stimulate, invite, persuade the global architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors to collaborate in exploiting together new concepts, applications and challenges in the advancement of mass timber construction;

iii) To continually encourage the collaboration with other societies and associations with similar objectives to ours and invite them to participate in the pursuit of advancing mass timber construction.


For this purpose, among other initiatives, the International Association for Mass Timber Construction:

i) Will promote actions aiming to progress all aspects of mass timber construction around the world;

ii) Will organise international events, campaigns, conferences, in conjunction with key stakeholders to provide increased adoption of mass timber;

iii) Will use internal marketing resources to drive messages of education, research, practice and innovation for the global mass timber industry;

Global Initiative and Founding Members

The International Association for Mass Timber Construction is to be established as the world’s first truly international association for mass timber construction. As such, the founding members are required to be located in the following continents of the world.

In alphabetical order:
1. Africa/South Africa
2. America (North and South, including Canada, Middle, Central and the Caribbean)
3. Asia – split into South East Asia and Asia (including central Asia)
4. Australian and New Zealand
5. Europe (Including the United Kingdom) and;
6. Middle East