Our sector has genuine collaboration at its core. For mass timber to succeed, collaboration, not compromise, is what is required to realise the benefits. It is a value we all hold, and we must trust that others hold it when at times its seems like we are the minority to understand it. We stand at the face of modern methods of construction, and as the two worlds collide – traditional and modern methods – there is enviably change management required. We are the beacon of change.
Our industry is special. It holds the key to a material resource which will provide a genuine solution to our built environment challenges and offers a ‘sustainable’ material of choice. Sustainability as used here holds many meanings; it means the renewable resource that timber is in regenerative construction, it provides occupants of our buildings certain health benefits, and it is sustainable in terms of the way stakeholders endure the difficult pathway to establishing mass timber as an equally viable alternative to more traditional technologies. We are resilient and we are determined.

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