Whilst mass timber construction has taken a foothold in many countries around the world, there are still significant pockets in which the technology simply does not exist yet. Worldwide, over ten billion tons of concrete are being produced each year. In the United States, the annual production of over 500 million tons implies about two tons for each man, woman and child (Meyer, Columbia University, 2021).

Relative to the production of mass timber products, which includes production of CLT at an estimated 2.8 million cubic metres of which 48% is in Europe, 43% is in North America, 6% is in Oceania and 3% is in Asia (Forest2Market, 2020). With 2.91 million cubic metres of Glulam produced in Austria and Germany alone (Timber-online, 2020).

Taking into account an Annual Compounding Growth Rate, the estimated market size for global mass timber construction is circa 8 million cubic metres per annum. As such, the mass timber construction sector is roughly 1.6% of the total production of concrete in the world in a year. As such, the continuing development and progression of mass timber construction offers an incredible opportunity to contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions toward net zero 2050.

The evidence of a desire by many countries to adopt mass timber construction is abundant, however the capacity and capability is not readily available. The IAMTC are seeking to transform the way information and resources are delivered in providing support (indirectly and through outreach) to those wishing to transform the global construction sector.

In the next year we aim to develop a suite of useful guides and resources to support you on your journey to becoming a mass timber professional. The development and adoption of critical tools, advisory services and continue professional development will drive the sector forward and create a new, global, standard for the way we design, manufacture and construction using sustainable resources.

The journey is not going to be easy, the challenges are significant, however the rewards are worth it for the few who choose to walk a different path, to the sound of their own drum, in the face of significant resistance for a traditionalist construction mindset and behaviours. The brave will prevail.

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Paul Kremer Founder IAMTC.org