To be recognised worldwide as an outstanding and highly effective organisation

Making a significant contribution to the field of Mass Timber Construction

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We exist as an inclusive organisation developing a new approach to construction


Representing the Interests of all Mass Timber Construction Stakeholders

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The International Association for Mass Timber Construction

We promote and deliver value to our global members and associated stakeholders

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International Association for Mass Timber Construction

Global Industry Representation

The International Association for Mass Timber Construction aims to promote and deliver value to its members and associated stakeholders through an all-encompassing approach to advocacy, thought-leadership, development for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing sectors, provide education, training/teaching and research in establishing a global mass timber construction sector across the five contents of the world.

Advocacy and Change

The idea for the formation of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction was developed by Paul Kremer in 2020, and is set to be launched in 2021. This document forms the basis of the initial charter for the formation of the international Association. The first steps in developing the concept further is the requirement to found an initial global board to drive the organisation forward.

A Unified Voice

The vision of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction is to be recognised worldwide as an outstanding and highly effective organisation making a significant contribution to the field of Mass Timber Construction. Inclusive of all individuals, groups and associations who believe that there is a better way to build for the future, with mass timber being a featured or primary component. Join us to make a difference and drive a new agenda.

The first global association for the Mass Timber Construction movement
Our journey has just begun, the pathway is not always clear, however together we are stronger. Together we have a better chance of success. Together we build a community of like-minded people who do not tread the well-worn path, rather forge a new direction, forge a new future, and work together arm-in-arm to succeed.
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Project Management

Delivering the project is such a crucial component of any construction project requiring considerable know-how

Finance & Insurance

Securing finance and insurance on projects using advanced construction technology

Legal & Compliance

Contracting in prefabricated environment can be difficult found solutions here


Learn about the primary engineered products in Mass Timber Constrcution


Looking for design support and know-how in Mass Timber Construction


Connections make the Mass Timber Construction building last a lifetime


We need to save the planet, building with Mass Timber supports better environmental outomes


Learn more about Mass Timber Construction and durability

Construction Systems

Mass Timber Construction is part of a Modern Methods approach to delivering better buildings

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Association Membership

Associations around the world based in locations that are geographically seperate may become members of the IAMTC. The IAMTC is an inclusive participation organisation.

Individual Membership

Individuals may join the IAMTC from a wide-range of backgrounds, including corporations, academia, education and research.

Organisational Membership

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Institutional Membership

Government and NGO institutions may join the IAMTC to ensure collaboration across boarders at a global level

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Our offer includes a complete range of products and services to the timber sector: fixing and waterproofing systems, solutions for acoustic insulation, fall prevention and security systems.

Rotho Blaas

Connection and Safety Systems

If you would like to have your name on the front page of the associations website, use the contact us form and we shall send you a proposal that meets your needs

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The Mass Timber Construction Journal is a peer-reviewed international online social media and journal platform, dedicated to high quality research in Mass Timber Construction (MTC).

Mass Timber Construction Journal

Global reach for Mass Timber Construction

The International Association for Mass Timber Construction

Objectives The main objectives of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction are: i) To foster cooperation among all those involved the mass timber construction sector through a single international association that is inclusive of all, (individuals, organisations, and like-minded association); ii) To stimulate, invite, persuade the global architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors to collaborate in exploiting together new concepts, applications and challenges in the advancement of mass timber construction; iii) To continually encourage the collaboration with other societies…

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Continuing Professional Development is important for our sector

A program will be set-up for the ongoing requirement to meet CPD points for membership purposes. A training and professional development sub-committee shall be established and charter for the development of a CPD program will begin, with the purpose of determining the level of CPD required, including the carrying-out of education and training as part of the IAMTC. The use of a Learning Management System to host the professional development and training programs will be hosted via the IAMTC website…

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The Association was founded in 2021 for global inclusion

Our sector has genuine collaboration at its core. For mass timber to succeed, collaboration, not compromise, is what is required to realise the benefits. It is a value we all hold, and we must trust that others hold it when at times its seems like we are the minority to understand it. We stand at the face of modern methods of construction, and as the two worlds collide – traditional and modern methods – there is enviably change management required.…

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One of the greatest attributes that people and organisations share within the global mass timber construction sector is unity. Unity is what binds us, helps us to be better, to achieve more together and drive a different future.

Above all else, the mass timber construction sector is special and unique for its diversification for technology, process and methods of working.

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