Walk-through a CLT pLant

Its not every day you get to go on a tour of a Cross Laminated Timber plant whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home, well now you can. It is our great pleasure to have a tour of the very modern and recently upgraded XLam Australia and New Zealand mass timber plant. XLam Australia and New Zealand commissioned Australia’s first large format cross laminated timber plant. The line just recently went into production stage and will shortly start…

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Wood is an underestimated building material

Wood is an underestimated building material. Good design, engineering and construction can vastly expand its potential. Michael H. Ramage leads the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge University, and is Reader in Architecture and Engineering in the Architecture Department, Fellow and Vice Master of Sidney Sussex College, a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers and a partner in Light Earth Designs. His research is focused on efficient masonry structures, better housing in the developing world, and high-rise buildings…

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A Sustainable Timber Skyline: The Future of Design

The design and structural craft of building with wood in America is finally changing – for the better. Innovations in the timber industry and the rise of cross-laminated timber (CLT)* are forcing Oregonians sitting on the richest sustainable resource, the Douglas Fir, to rethink how to harvest, sustain and reshape the future. *Cross-laminated timber is a wood panel typically consisting of three, five, or seven layers of dimension lumber oriented at right angles to one another and then glued to…

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Timber Skyscrapers

Building a skyscraper? Forget about steel and concrete, says architect Michael Green, and build it out of … wood. As he details in this intriguing talk, it’s not only possible to build safe wooden structures up to 30 stories tall (and, he hopes, higher), it’s necessary. MICHAEL GREEN Michael Green is an award-winning architect, speaker, and author known for using design to create meaningful, sustainable built environments that benefit both people and planet. A leader in wood construction and innovation,…

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The International Association for Mass Timber Construction

Objectives The main objectives of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction are: i) To foster cooperation among all those involved the mass timber construction sector through a single international association that is inclusive of all, (individuals, organisations, and like-minded association); ii) To stimulate, invite, persuade the global architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors to collaborate in exploiting together new concepts, applications and challenges in the advancement of mass timber construction; iii) To continually encourage the collaboration with other societies…

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Continuing Professional Development is important for our sector

A program will be set-up for the ongoing requirement to meet CPD points for membership purposes. A training and professional development sub-committee shall be established and charter for the development of a CPD program will begin, with the purpose of determining the level of CPD required, including the carrying-out of education and training as part of the IAMTC. The use of a Learning Management System to host the professional development and training programs will be hosted via the IAMTC website…

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The Association was founded in 2021 for global inclusion

Our sector has genuine collaboration at its core. For mass timber to succeed, collaboration, not compromise, is what is required to realise the benefits. It is a value we all hold, and we must trust that others hold it when at times its seems like we are the minority to understand it. We stand at the face of modern methods of construction, and as the two worlds collide – traditional and modern methods – there is enviably change management required.…

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One of the greatest attributes that people and organisations share within the global mass timber construction sector is unity. Unity is what binds us, helps us to be better, to achieve more together and drive a different future.

Above all else, the mass timber construction sector is special and unique for its diversification for technology, process and methods of working.

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