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The International Association for Mass Timber Construction

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International Association for Mass Timber Construction

Global Industry Representation

The International Association for Mass Timber Construction aims to promote and deliver value to its members and associated stakeholders through an all-encompassing approach to advocacy, thought-leadership, development for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing sectors, provide education, training/teaching and research in establishing a global mass timber construction sector across the five contents of the world.

Advocacy and Change

The idea for the formation of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction was developed by Paul Kremer in 2020, and is set to be launched in 2021. This document forms the basis of the initial charter for the formation of the international Association. The first steps in developing the concept further is the requirement to found an initial global board to drive the organisation forward.

A Unified Voice

The vision of the International Association for Mass Timber Construction is to be recognised worldwide as an outstanding and highly effective organisation making a significant contribution to the field of Mass Timber Construction. Inclusive of all individuals, groups and associations who believe that there is a better way to build for the future, with mass timber being a featured or primary component. Join us to make a difference and drive a new agenda.

The first global association for the Mass Timber Construction movement
Our journey has just begun, the pathway is not always clear, however together we are stronger. Together we have a better chance of success. Together we build a community of like-minded people who do not tread the well-worn path, rather forge a new direction, forge a new future, and work together arm-in-arm to succeed.
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Delivering the project is such a crucial component of any construction project requiring considerable know-how

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Securing finance and insurance on projects using advanced construction technology

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Contracting in prefabricated environment can be difficult found solutions here


Learn about the primary engineered products in Mass Timber Constrcution


Looking for design support and know-how in Mass Timber Construction


Connections make the Mass Timber Construction building last a lifetime


We need to save the planet, building with Mass Timber supports better environmental outomes


Learn more about Mass Timber Construction and durability

Construction Systems

Mass Timber Construction is part of a Modern Methods approach to delivering better buildings

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Association Membership

Associations around the world based in locations that are geographically seperate may become members of the IAMTC. The IAMTC is an inclusive participation organisation.

Individual Membership

Individuals may join the IAMTC from a wide-range of backgrounds, including corporations, academia, education and research.

Organisational Membership

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Institutional Membership

Government and NGO institutions may join the IAMTC to ensure collaboration across boarders at a global level

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Our offer includes a complete range of products and services to the timber sector: fixing and waterproofing systems, solutions for acoustic insulation, fall prevention and security systems.

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The Mass Timber Construction Journal is a peer-reviewed international online social media and journal platform, dedicated to high quality research in Mass Timber Construction (MTC).

Mass Timber Construction Journal

Global reach for Mass Timber Construction

International Mass Timber Standards Research Released

In recent years, Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) has experienced exponential growth internationally, fostering substantial awareness and inter¬est in this renewable construction material. The increasing adoption of CLT in countries and regions of world is resulting in considerable manufacturing investment in engineered wood products more generally. Fabrication of solid timber structural systems using CLT panels requires product standards ensuring strength and stiffness characteristics of the base material in meeting rigorous performance requirements. Given that this nascent technology was only introduced within the…

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Behavioural Economics, Environmental Psychology and Perceptions of Mass Timber Construction Purchasing Behaviours

I recently read that a Norwegian online grocer had accounted for a drop in the demand for a number of “carbon-intensive” products sold in the online store since introducing receipts that tell consumers how environmentally friendly [or not] their shopping basket was at checkout. Indeed, the reports stated that orders for less sustainable goods had fallen because customers are aware of their high carbon footprint thanks to the receipts. Which prompted me to write the following article.  Behavioural economics (the…

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Global Corporates Make the Shift to Mass Timber Construction: Here’s Three Reasons Why!

There are several large companies around the world focusing on mass timber construction as a viable alternative solution in meeting corporate sustainability objectives and measures in property development. Be it, a corporate head office, a campus building, or even a retail shopping precinct, the evidence is mounting that mass timber solutions are a pivotal and necessary response to meeting the reductions of C02 emission in construction, and beyond. To demonstrate the impacts of global brands and their adoption of mass…

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Expanding Mass Timber Construction Globally

Whilst mass timber construction has taken a foothold in many countries around the world, there are still significant pockets in which the technology simply does not exist yet. Worldwide, over ten billion tons of concrete are being produced each year. In the United States, the annual production of over 500 million tons implies about two tons for each man, woman and child (Meyer, Columbia University, 2021). Relative to the production of mass timber products, which includes production of CLT at…

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Carbon Equation in Net Zero Mass Timber Buildings

Net zero in construction is a major focus globally at present. There is a growing body of research relating to the exploration of carbon in buildings and how to address ambitious carbon reduction targets. In this post we shall explore the carbon journey for mass timber construction and look at the various ways carbon accounting can support better outcomes for sustainable construction projects for now and into the future. The primary ingredients that constitute mass timber construction products is timber…

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Toward Net Zero – The Opportunity for Mass Timber Construction

Whilst is could be argued that the COP26 event itself was a success (many parties meeting from around the world) the bigger success is the knock-on effects from the aftermath of what was decided and agreed during the meeting. The commitment of large superpower countries to drive an agenda (yes a somewhat tainted one) to head toward ‘reduced emissions by 2050-60’ is significant. Much like the commitment people make in doing any action (purchasing a car, or white goods for…

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Walk-through a CLT pLant

Its not every day you get to go on a tour of a Cross Laminated Timber plant whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home, well now you can. It is our great pleasure to have a tour of the very modern and recently upgraded XLam Australia and New Zealand mass timber plant. XLam Australia and New Zealand commissioned Australia’s first large format cross laminated timber plant. The line just recently went into production stage and will shortly start…

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Wood is an underestimated building material

Wood is an underestimated building material. Good design, engineering and construction can vastly expand its potential. Michael H. Ramage leads the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge University, and is Reader in Architecture and Engineering in the Architecture Department, Fellow and Vice Master of Sidney Sussex College, a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers and a partner in Light Earth Designs. His research is focused on efficient masonry structures, better housing in the developing world, and high-rise buildings…

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A Sustainable Timber Skyline: The Future of Design

The design and structural craft of building with wood in America is finally changing – for the better. Innovations in the timber industry and the rise of cross-laminated timber (CLT)* are forcing Oregonians sitting on the richest sustainable resource, the Douglas Fir, to rethink how to harvest, sustain and reshape the future. *Cross-laminated timber is a wood panel typically consisting of three, five, or seven layers of dimension lumber oriented at right angles to one another and then glued to…

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Timber Skyscrapers

Building a skyscraper? Forget about steel and concrete, says architect Michael Green, and build it out of … wood. As he details in this intriguing talk, it’s not only possible to build safe wooden structures up to 30 stories tall (and, he hopes, higher), it’s necessary. MICHAEL GREEN Michael Green is an award-winning architect, speaker, and author known for using design to create meaningful, sustainable built environments that benefit both people and planet. A leader in wood construction and innovation,…

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One of the greatest attributes that people and organisations share within the global mass timber construction sector is unity. Unity is what binds us, helps us to be better, to achieve more together and drive a different future.

Above all else, the mass timber construction sector is special and unique for its diversification for technology, process and methods of working.

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